Grey Storm Media’s Favorite SEO Tool, Traffic Travis

Now and then I send a message to my mailing list about what is, by far, one of the greatest seo tools for keyword research and better search engine ranking.

This SEO tool is called Traffic Travis and I have been using it for about two years now.

I want to share the latest results with you here.


The first message that I sent about Traffic Travis SEO Software (“Thanks Little Buddy!“) reported the following numbers (yes, I keep most of my messages):

“My sales page has moved up in Google from 22 to 19 on the correct spelling of my keyword and from 19 to 16 on a misspelling in less than a week and a half!”


A few weeks later, the second message that I sent about CNet’s #1 SEO tool (“A REAL Search Optimization Tool!“) was this:

Not long ago I sent out an e-mail showing a couple of improved positions for some keywords.  The results were:

viral marketing e-course (19)
viral marketing ecourse (16)

Both were up three positions since using this SEO tool.  You should see them now!  The correct spelling has jumped EIGHT positions!

Check them out here:

viral marketing e-course (11)

viral marketing ecourse (12)


Now, I have to admit, I haven’t bothered with this in a while; it has been about two months since then.  But here are the latest results – courtesy of Mark Ling’s SEO tool, Traffic Travis:

viral marketing e-course (5)

viral marketing ecourse (10)


So, if you’re wondering, “Does Traffic Travis Work?“  Well, in the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the mighty Hulk Hogan…

Hell Yes, Brother!

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