Happy 100th Birthday President Ronald Reagan!



The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library


I remember as a child I once pointed to the television and said to my mother, "I like that old man!"  That was in reference to President Ronald Reagan.

As a child, I was not sure what it was that I liked about him, other than the truth in his eyes and in his voice —and that child’s instinct for detecting truth.  Later on in life, it became obvious why I liked him: because he was right; because he was genuine and sincere.

Ronald Reagan did not stand at the podium and talk a bunch of B.S. like other politicians do.  He kept his promises and got things done.  He brought America back to prosperity and the world back to peace.

Of course, no presidency is perfect —that’s politics.  But President Ronald Reagan has been —and is still to date— the greatest thing to happen to America since the ratifying of the Constitution that he so proudly preserved, defended and upheld.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Reagan for your unmatched contribution to America, to Freedom, to Peace and to the world.  You are missed.


Actor Ronald Reagan: Filmography

1937 Love Is on the Air
1937 Hollywood Hotel
1938 Sergeant Murphy
1938 Swing Your Lady
1938 Accidents Will Happen
1938 Cowboy from Brooklyn
1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
1938 Boy Meets Girl
1938 Girls on Probation
1938 Brother Rat
1938 Going Places
1939 Secret Service of the Air
1939 Dark Victory
1939 Code of the Secret Service
1939 Naughty But Nice
1939 Hell’s Kitchen
1939 The Angels Wash Their Faces
1939 Smashing the Money Ring
1940 Brother Rat and a Baby
1940 An Angel from Texas
1940 Murder in the Air
1940 Knute Rockne All American
1940 Tugboat Annie Sails Again
1940 Santa Fe Trail
1941 The Bad Man
1941 Million Dollar Baby
1941 International Squadron
1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough
1942 Kings Row
1942 Mister Gardenia Jones
1942 Juke Girl
1942 Desperate Journey
1942 Beyond the Line of Duty
1943 For God and Country
1943 Cadet Classification
1943 The Rear Gunner
1943 This Is the Army
1947 Stallion Road
1947 That Hagen Girl
1947 The Voice of the Turtle
1949 John Loves Mary
1949 Night Unto Night
1949 The Girl from Jones Beach
1949 The Hasty Heart
1950 Louisa
1950 Nash Airflyte Theatre
1951 The Big Truth
1951 Storm Warning
1951 The Last Outpost
1951 Bedtime for Bonzo
1952 Hong Kong
1952 The Winning Team
1952 She’s Working Her Way Through College
1952 Hollywood Opening Night
1953 Tropic Zone
1953 Law and Order
1953 Medallion Theatre
1953 The Revlon Mirror Theater
1953-1954 Lux Video Theatre
1953-1954 Schlitz Playhouse
1954 Prisoner of War
1953-1954 The Ford Television Theatre
1954 Cattle Queen of Montana
1955 Tennessee’s Partner
1956 General Electric Summer Originals
1957 Hellcats of the Navy
1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson
1960 Startime
1961 Zane Grey Theater
1961 The Young Doctors
1961 The Dick Powell Theatre
1954-1962 G.E. True Theater
1963 Heritage of Splendor
1963 Wagon Train
1964 The Killers
1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre
1964-1965 Death Valley Days