How to Increase Web Traffic to Your Site

Whether your website is for business or for pleasure, it cannot be successful without generating targeted traffic.  Web traffic is crucial to a successful website.  If your website is not getting the web traffic that you want, then here’s how to increase web traffic to your site.



First and foremost, if your website is not built on WordPress, install a WordPress blog in addition to what you’ve already got.

Create a subdomain with the name of your broad keyword and install WordPress into that.  The subdomain (i.e. your keyword) will be the first thing in your website’s address when your blog shows up in search results.  That will help to get you a better position in the results.


Search Optimization

A lot of people talk about search engine optimization.  But, using various keyword research tools, you can see that too many of them do nothing BUT talk.  Their keywords show up in their page content, but nowhere in their headers or headings.  Not showing up in search results is not a good way to increase web traffic to your site.

Just make sure to do your on-page optimization properly and you can easily beat out most of your competition (if you want to call them that).  Don’t skip to off-page factors before you have optimized the page, itself.  Otherwise, your competition’s inattention to detail will likely beat yours.


Blogs & Forums

Commenting on other people’s blogs and on forums is an excellent way to increase web traffic to your site, real fast.  But there are several things to keep in mind.

Never spam!  If you are promoting something, don’t link directly to it.  Write a blog post at your own site that links to your promotion and then link your comments to that post.

Everywhere you post is a place that you need to drive traffic to.  Submit it to search engines, at the very least.

You are posting on someone else’s website to get traffic back to yours.  Don’t be shy about giving back a little.  One way to do this is by working their keyword into your comment.  This can give them just a little more weight in search engines to increase web traffic to their site.  Another way is to give a related tip on the subject of the post.  By doing this, you are providing extra value to the blog owner’s readers.

Leave meaningful comments.  If your comments just say stupid crap like, "Thanks for this!" the only thing that you will accomplish is getting blacklisted.  Only provide quality comments.  The comments that you leave effect the way people see you and whether or not they will click through to your site.


Articles & Press Releases

Write articles that link back to your site.  Don’t just post your arcticles on article directories, though.  Make several versions of them and post them at social sites, content forums; even some classifieds websites have places that you can post articles to increase web traffic to your site.

Submit press releases.  These can land on Google’s first page as fast as a new WordPress blog.  As in, within minutes!


Ebooks & Ecourses

Create eBooks and pass them around for free.  You can choose to have people sign up for them, or just allow them to download them freely.  If there is no sign up requirement, you will get more downloads.  But there is also no guarantee that you will ever see the downloader again.  If you have them opt in, you can contact them later.

Providing an ecourse not only gets poeople on your list so that you can bring them back to your site later, but it also promotes YOU as someone who knows enough about a subject to instruct on it.


Follow these tips on how to increase web traffic to your site and you will definitely see a lot more targeted, quality visitors!


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