KeywordsToWebsites – Brand New Affiliate WordPress Plugin

I was just sent an email about a new WordPress plug-in that looks pretty good.

This plug-in, called KeywordsToWebsites, automatically pulls in content from Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction and other affiliate networks, as well as from non-affiliate sites, like YouTube.

All of the content is based on a list of keywords that you choose.  So, it’s not like other ‘turnkey’ sites where you are limited to predetermined niches; the choice here is entirely yours.

This plug-in is for affiliates, but can easily work for non-affiliates, as you can choose what content displays on your website.  For example, if you only want content from YouTube, then you only enable the YouTube option.  Each content source can be enabled or disabled individually.

Word of Caution:  Do NOT activate this plug-in on your existing site!  It is not meant for that.  I do not believe that there would be an easy way to undo the damage, but I could be wrong there.  It may be as simple as deactivating the plug-in.

What this plug-in does is instantly fill your new WordPress website with content.  Hence the warning.  I think that, if you changed your mind afterward, you’d have your work cut out for you trying to delete all of the new posts.

You could set up subdomains on your existing site and install WordPress on them for this purpose.

Watch this video for more information and, below the video, there are links to live websites that are using the KeywordsToWebsites WordPress plug-in.